The One Festival of Homeless Arts brings together works of art in many forms, from theatre and film, to sculpture and photography, as well as traditional visual art, all of which have been created by artists who are or have been homeless.

We want to give people a safe space, an amazing venue that is easily accessible to the public, so that as many people as possible can see this amazing work.



Brainchild of ex-homeless Artist and Campaigner David Tovey. 

When With One Voice bought an arts and homelessness delegation from Brazil to London in 2015, David heard about their work and how one of the homeless artists on the delegation had started a music festival – he took immediate action, speaking to people in the sector, galvanising support and launching the festival the following autumn 2016 with the help of The Old Diorama Arts Centre. 

In doing so The One Festival of Homeless Arts was born.



Originally the festival was only going to be a one off event but due to high demand David decided it needed to carry on, Introducing it to two venues in 2017 The Old Diorama Arts Centre and The Ringcross Community Centre.

2019 we are spreading our wings across the UK with events in Glasgow, Manchester and Gloucester


Coming of Age

We aim to bring more socially engaged projects, Art groups and practicing artists to the festival from all over the world.

We aim to change societies perceptions of the homeless through the medium of art, giving a platform for the artists, bringing back confidence and social inclusion. 

David understands the transformative effect art can have for the homeless; it was his own creative tendencies that helped lift him out of a cycle of health problems and homelessness.